Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Civitanova, Italy 22 July

The journey was great, we had a thunder storm along side us for part of the journey, which later caught up with us. It is really lovely travelling through the country of all these places. Italy is beautiful, while Greece seemed very dry and barren, Italy was so green and fresh, with amazing majestic mountains and wide flowing rivers it made me want to somehow hug it all.

On arriving in Civitanova we go out in search of food, once again we know our priorities. On our travels we see the storm once beside us is now creeping on over us, well equipped for a wet evening we find shelter on top of a slides hut type thing!! a nice man came to our rescue with a big umbrella to lure us into his restaurant for drinks. Was pretty thrilling to be out in the storm though, felt the desire to be electrocuted, would be amazing to survive it.

Eventually after flying paper airplanes and some drinks we find some yummy food next to the hotel. And as tiredness creeps in and the food is being digested my social skills start to fade and i need my bed.

The show went well the audience continued to clap for a near 20mins after 'Uprising' had finished. They wanted more i guess. But 'Uprising' is a special piece. I vaugely remember the 1st time i saw it at the place, and i was so energized and full after it i didn’t want to watch 'In your rooms' in case it spoilt the feeling i had, but curiosity kept me seated and thankfully i enjoyed it just as much.

It was Elais's Birthday on the show day, so off to the shops we went to find him a present. Whilst getting him a jumper that looked amazing on him Ino and I managed a few purchases for ourselves.

Next stop Hamburg

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