Monday, 6 October 2008

Hamburg, Germany 13 August

Holidays are now over and tour re-starts with a trip to Hamburg and a flying visit to Budapest. I arrive an hour early at Terminal 5 ready and waiting with a nice hot latte to wake me up. Slowly people start arriving and with 20mins to get through security i'm talking with Ino about how much we've packed and suddendly my heart jumps outside my throat as i realise i have left my costumes in my wardrobe at home.....F**k. Ive been sitting there all that time chilling out and with less than an hour till the flight leaves i am calling my mum to see if she can leave work to pick up my costumes drive down to Heathrow and pass them to a BA lady who will get it to my gate before the plane leaves.....?? Well Super Mum did it!! with a little speeding and illegal parking she gets the costumes to me!!! im sure i had just lost 10 years of my life. WOW why do i do this to myself! 

We arrive in Hamburg and set out to the streets for some German Grub. The day was lovely the sun was out and there was a slight crisp to the air. We then raided some shops in search of a present for Wins's Birthday and eventually after some deliberating we found some amazing shorts and at midnight we went to sing Happy Birthday to her.

The venue was a huge huge warehouse so the stage was massive and there was a load of other things going on in different rooms. We had an amazing D.J on one night then a band another, its always nice to watch someonelse doing their thing to entertain you after having been performing. One night after the show we went to hear this D.J playing and had a wicked time dancing about like we hadn't been let out for a while, we then picked the best cabby in Hamburg to head home in and he was ready for a night out. We went rolling round Hamburg with 5o cent blarring out his speakers, windows down bouncing to the beats of 50 pence. I think he was a bit shocked at our enthusiasm in preceding to party all the way home

The shows were good as far as i can recall, i did have a bit of hassle with my knee, it felt like the joint was joining in the wrong place but with some mental diverting i forgot it was there and performed like a sexymonsterbeast from the gutters of hells kilamanjab. It was rockin!!

It was Ming's last shows with us in Hamburg, as he had been on his holis from Bern Ballet and was standing in for Phil who got injured 2 weeks before tour. Thankfully Ming is some sort of machine, he can absorb a mass of information at the speed of light so learning 2 pieces in a few days was a walk in a park, and i am sure 'he'll be back'.

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Rob Kalmbach said...

that "reflection" shot is awesome! Love it - rob