Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bolzano, Italy 20 July

De-generationOur day of travelling.

From Kalamatata we take our joyful route back over the winding roads to reach Athens were we take a plane to Milan to hop back on a coach to arrive in Bolzano. The day was long but for Helen and Hofesh it had only began once we arrived in Bolzano. They went off to plot the lights and make the magic happen for the show the following night. While the rest of us went in search of some Italian food.

Due to threatening weather conditions the performance didn’t take place on the grounds of a castle, but was moved to a more conventional setting.....the theatre. Just as Hofesh tucks into his lunch he is pulled into the theatre to re-plot everything!

The show was all ready for us at the castle but now there was just enough time to get it ready for us in the theatre. And it was pretty tight!

The day was running smoothly until the Italian workers went off to have a break, they all disappeared while Hofesh continued plotting and setting queues. It got to the point where if no one came back to help him the show wouldn’t be ready and would have to be cancelled. But after Hofesh and Helen had a good go at the lethargic agency, people then started to appear from nowhere. Whilst all this is happening I was sewing my bra into my dress too tightly and meticulously going through cult.

Once all the lights were done it was 30 mins before we were on, we got into our costumes, put on our faces, went to the toilet, ate some nuts and had a quick shimmy about. Somehow due to all the stress during the day it all felt pretty chilled out for the show. It took a lot of pressure off my 1st cult. The girls trio at the beginning really felt amazing, like a storm brewing, feels like we hold a lot of power between us like some invisible electrical force! Love it.

But then later I must've got a bit excited as Ii messed up, confidently I hope! Then before you know it, it is time to bow.

Chris had the triple bill, 'cult' followed by 'fragments', always look on the bright side of life do do do do dododododo! to finish with 'uprising', but he seems unaffected and is ready for a couple of beers after.

After dinner, wine and a well earned apple pie, we all head back to the hotel. As we're walking back we stumbled on two of those springing kids seats!!! time for some playtime.

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