Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Boston - Lee 9-13 July

My first long haul flight. My first time out of Europe. How will it be??I bought some sleeping pills for the flight as sometimes I feel panicked in the plane, not sure why but my mind tries to scare me! Virgin Atlantic looked after us though. I managed a short nap.

Staying in a motel, the Pilgrim Inn, was great – just like the movies expecting to see a car drive up and drop off some drugs to a guy waiting in a room. But not in Lee. Lee was more like Rosie’s country kitchen, Freddy’s Diner and Sweet Chirpy Americans.

6 shows in 5 days. Jacobs Pillow – what a place – never seen anything like it, a beautiful setting in the middle of nowhere. Some of the company saw a wild baby bear. I couldn’t believe it at first – lucky buggers.

Bruno and Anne’s kid took his first steps on his own in Jacobs Pillow. It was incredible to see this little lad walking on his own, stumbling about. It is lovely to have the kids on tour, playing silly baby games with them. I wish they could come to every venue.

The best show was one of the last. We were all so tired - our bodies couldn’t resist anything – so everything was softer and had an ease about it. Something that Hofesh always has naturally. He is like a long lanky monkey incredible mover.

In between times I had rehearsals for another show – Degeneration – a triple bill of Cult, Fragments and Uprising. Cult is a sextet with 3 girls and 3 guys. Yen Ching had taught me the piece in 2 days so I had a vague idea of the movement but by the time we came to the first of these rehearsals I had forgotten a lot of what I’d learnt – Bruno wasn’t impressed!!! OOOps. By the time the Hof came to have a look at the second rehearsal I’d sorted it out and with Bruno’s foot up my arse I had been kicked into gear and thankfully Hofesh was happy…PHEW!

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