Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kalamata, Greece 18 July

Back to Ino and Elais's home country.We arrive at Athens Airport and hop onto our coach which takes us on a helter-skelter ride through some barren but beautiful parts of Greece. As the sun begins to set and disappear behind the hills we begin to wonder how long this journey is going to take. Yen-ching sleeping like a log on the back seats for the duration of the journey isn't too fussed though!! Then 6-7 hours later we arrive at Kalamata.

First thing is first....FOOD! We walk roughly 10 metres down the road, and sit ourselves at a big table at the nearest restaurant. The bread, olive oil and balsamic vineger couldn't have tasted better. After dinner we headed to the sea. Clear sky, stars and a bright moon glistening on the sea we couldn't resist baring our clothes (keeping under garments on!) and jumping in. It was just what we all needed after a day of travel to refresh.

So the next day.
I was coping well in the hotel room with the air conditioner on lazing in bed, but rehearsing in a studio moving about working hard, I was having my own personal shower! We had a few hours' rehearsal for De-generation before making our way up on a hill where the ampitheatre was sitting. It was beautiful - the stage had a backdrop of sea and mountains, and the whole of Kalamata was visible from our outside green room.

The speakers sounded amazing - felt like the whole of Kalamata could hear us. The only potentional problem with the theatre was these four massive pillars standing prominently on the four corners of the stage, with lovely long padded legs poking out of them. Poor Ino caught one of them and did a most amazing trip on it. I saw her fly up as the lights were dimming and heard a crash at the bottom, pretty impressive and no bruises!

The show was quite thrilling. With all the entrances and exits and some dodgey wings it was an acheivment to get off and back on again - made the show feel quite electric. We all have responsibility for our own costumes, so taking them home with us to wash and remembering to bring them back on tour with us. I had some wollen trousers and a top to look after and after putting all my washing in a 40 degree wash I pulled out some nice 3/4 length trousers suitable for a midget. Thankfully Helen told me there was a brown dress which I could wear instead!

The show went well, we had some 'important' people watching - my friend Eva and her family, Ino and Elais's family and friends, and the Minister of Culture and some politicians. Before the show there was a big protest about the politicians and ministers being there so when Leon stands at the front holding a board saying 'Don't follow leaders'.......'follow me', the audience loved this and were all (but the few sat in the front row) clapping enthusiastically at him. It was quite a special moment.

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