Monday, 6 October 2008

Budapest, Hungary 17 August

After having performed the third show of the three we did in Hamburg we had to wake up the next morning at stupid o'clock to catch a flight to Hungary. We had to fly into Munich jump on another plane to head to our final destination of Budapest. I was half asleep and luckily had all my belongings with me.......unlike Christopher! There was an amazing moment at the airport where Hofesh sneekly took Chris's passport from the floor where he had safely! placed it and awaits for chris's reaction...chris is then beginning to panic as he rummages through his bag and says 'guys i think ive lost my phone'. thankfully i am not the only forgetful one.

We performed that night at this amazing festival 'Sziget Festival' it runs for a week in August. Not only was Shechter and his troops rocking out with Degeneration, there was 'The killers', 'Jose gonzalez', 'Jamiroquai', 'sex pistols', 'REM' and many many more. Definitely fancy coming back to this fesival. A few of us decided to take to the venues and make the most of the day.

We couldn't rehearse and mark the stage out until it was dark as the venue was outside. That did mean although it was in August it was pretty chilly at night in our red dresses, But its not that stale air thats stuck in the theatres, it's fresh, moving alive air!! These venues are the best, i'm hoping we do more festivals. The audience seemed to think so too, although i'm sure the majority were stoned and off their faces they did love it. The speakers were incredible and like in Kalamata it felt like the whole area could hear the bass banging out.

We had one of our apprentices, James, with us to perform Uprising, he did an amazing job. Wins, Yen-ching and I went to watch the boys from the hill and realised how well this piece works in these environments, its a bit dirty and underground.

After the show Colette sorted us out with a nice cold beer and we ventured out to see if Jose was still on, but no luck! so we went to a chill out tent to fall asleep for a bit!

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