Monday, 8 December 2008

Swindon, Oxford, Stirling and Newcastle

Swindon was a quick visit consisting of; Train, Warm-up, Performance and to bed in Oxford. We had a Technical hiccup  up in 'In Your Rooms', which caught us off guard. There are numerous Black outs where we have to either get on or off stage.With rehearsals we become very familiar with the time period to do so, but when the lights decide to do their own show and come on earlier than expected, all you see is a handful of dancers holding hands and sneaking off into the wings, not very effective.The lights and music continued to be out of sync, so the show started again and from then on ran smoothly. 
That night some dancers had to travel to Oxford to teach Workshops the next day. Its always a challenge to teach the following day after a show, The body is usually complaining and the mind is wanting more sleep. But somehow enthusiasm is conjured up and the workshop is productive and enjoyable. 

Oxford was another quick day; Train, Warm-up, Show, bed. My parents came to see us  which was nice. They had both seen the piece previously when the Company performed the work at 'The Place'. My mum's thoughts of In Your Rooms concluded with 'Sometimes all you need is a hug ' They both loved the work, and will watch the show many more times I'm sure.

Tour was starting to heat up, We were jumping from theatre to theatre, Hotel room to another and everything started to become a bit of a blur! 

After Oxford we went to Scotland, Stirling were we ate good Fish and Chips, enjoyed a drink in a local pub were old men sat and played cards, and enjoyed an early morning call with the sound of a fire alarm, ringing for long enough to put some clothes on and just step outside the bedroom door!  One morning i had  breakfast  with Norman our brilliant German musician, we collected a plate full of food from the buffet breakfast bar and sat down to eat, i was in a slight shock as i see Norman tucking into a spoon full of baked beens, Porridge and a bit of fried egg, simultaneously asking me what this porridge thing is. He was loving it.

Newcastle was next with 2 shows at the Northern Stage. Its great when we get two gigs in one place, mainly because we become more familiar with the space we're performing in, this space we particularly nice. The wings side of stage were spacious so entrances and exits can be smoothly executed. This really helps us as side of stage is always as dark as possible, this is to ensure that no light off stage spills on stage. We have strips of glow tape to lead us to safety and the bigger the wings the more confidently we can leg it off.  

Elais was the chosen one to teach the company a warm-up. He led us all through a yoga class. Although some of the positions in yoga can be  an uncomfortable struggle, i was extremely warm and focused, well prepared for the day.  Working with Hofesh's movement there is a desire to be supple and soft whilst maintaining accuracy and power. And to have an awareness of the entire body as you move through the space. So to do Yoga now and again is a brilliant idea. 

Its great being in a company with dancers from all parts of the world hearing what their country is like, listening to the things they find funny about our country, and communicating with english and their own foreign accents. When one asks the other to see their teeth, you might hear Tits which then creates real confusion to everyone in part! I now listen much more carefully to Yen-Ching and Ino. 

I had a friend watching the performance the second night and she loved it, and will be watching again in Barcelona. Had a fun night out with her which was slightly regrettable when I had to wake up and teach a three hour workshop, But no fear a well earned two day break was on its way.

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Daniel Jullian said...

:D I just got to say that the coreography in Rolling in the Deep is increibleeeeeeeeeeee mind blowing, The way you use the dust make emphasis in the movements it¨s so incredible :D thanks for an inspiring work :D

Daniel J